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Garam Masala

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is an aromatic Indian spices mix which is used  to  enhance the taste of food.The recipe of garam masala can differ from person to person

In variations of garam masala fennel seeds, dry ginger, mace, star anise, salt, turmeric, garlic etc can be added. Garam masala is typically used in powder form but in South India it used in paste form with coconut milk. 

Garam Masala

Garam Masala


100 gms coriander seeds
  25 gms cinnamon
  50 gms black peppercorns
  25 gms cloves
  25 gms cumin seeds
  25 gms black cardamom
  10 bay leaf


1. First measure And then Clean and dry all spices in sun for 2-3 hrs.

2. Dry roast all ingredients one by one until you get a nice aroma of 
     roasted spices.

3. Mix all spices and let them cool .

4. Once it cools grind it to a fine powder in a mixer.

5. Sieve it through a flour strainer.

6. Store it in an airtight container and use it as required. 

Garam Masala


1. You can store this masala for 1 year.

2. I usually do not add nutmeg and green cardamom,dry ginger to my
    garam masala if you like you can add these spices with other

3. Make sure that cool down all the spices completely after roasting else
    it will form lumps while grinding.

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  1. I make Garam masala same way though I skip bay leaves. This is a lovely recipe, a must try!

  2. Really to tell, yesterday I was wondering, from where do I get a good garam masala recipe, as I wanted to try it for first time. And look, I got it from here. Thanks.

  3. Very nice way of home prepared garma masala....easy and 100% healthy and pure...excellent

  4. This looks very tempting and inviting:) Yumm :)

  5. very useful post....