Thursday, 21 August 2014

Useful Tips

Useful Tips


1. Semolina can be preserved for a long period of roasted.

2. Spinach after boiling may be washed in plain water. This
    will keep the color of spinach green.

3. Mixing of small quantity of ghee while cooking rice will result
    in bloomed rice.

4.Taking one cup of curd per day keeps a mind cool.

5. Apply cream with a few drops of lemon to remove blackness of the

6.Clove is the best remedy for toothache and cough.Keeping the clove
    in the mouth soothes the throat.

7.Taking a bit of fennel seeds helps in digesting the food.

8.Drinking milk with turmeric powder helps in checking the cough.

9. A tea spoon of ginger juice mixed with honey helps in reducing  
    the cough.

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